Gravity - Endless Arcade App Reviews

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Easy, user friendly control, love the game, I’m so addicted to it, helps me pass the hours away when my insomnia is kicking my butt


This game is extremely addicting for me and my friends. It has kept us entertained for hours every day.


Awesome gameplay, graphics, everything and everyone should play it! I have been just playing this for only a few days now and haven’t been able to put it down

like it

Great fun challenging game. It is so much entertaining. I love this game! I love how easy controls are. The game keeps me fun for hours everyday, try it and you will get addicted


This application is one of the coolest games I’ve ever played. Actually I downloaded it for my brother but I just started playing it and couldn’t stop, so fun


I Love this game So Much! It’s no too complicated and it’s the type of game that you can get lost in thought playing. It’s great for when you’re bored and want to find something to kill time.


Super awesome game to just sit down and energize your mind and who doesn’t love a little challenge in free time. I enjoyed every single minute so far and i think the game is really worth a try

very nice

I have been playing this game for quite some time, I have to say it holds my attention quite well. I can't wait to see what else will come out for it.

so good

This game has a nice concept and a perfect gameplay, very suitable for those who love arcade game. Really enjoy this game

it's great

This game is a great game, easy to play and lots of fun, a fun way to waste time. I recommend it to people who like simple fun game

the best

What initially grabbed my attention was the simplistic, nice design and colors of this game and once I began to play I was hooked! I keep coming back for more challenges. Great concept and highly addictive

really good

The game is really amazing, gameplay is very original and new. It has great replay charm and well designed controls and UI. Great for a short time killer. Just play and enjoy every moment.

it's nice

This is a fantastic game when you are all alone and are in need of some of kind of fun things to do. I started playing this a few days and now whenever I’m traveling or am taking a break for 5 min, I’m glued to this.

it's good

This is both fun and challenging. I love simple but addicting games and this one is definitely keep you engaged 100% of the time. It’s a good game to take a break with any reset

I love it

I never get tired of this game. Fun game for any age, simple and relaxing gameplay. Animations are pretty well designed. Fun game to Kill Some time


Very fun game, I played a bunch of Arcade games but this is the best game ever and you’ll just enjoy this game. It has original graphics and fun, challenging gameplay that will challenge you a lot. Worth a try

pretty good

This game is so fun entertaining and has good and challenging gameplay and you will be hooked on it for hours. Tons of levels, can’t wait to see more added in this game

well done

Just downloaded it today and I feel a bit hooked, loving the gameplay. Great way to attract arcade game lovers

good job

Great game design, fluid and smooth graphics, fantastic replays and challenging missions make this a winner.

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